Alonzo's News

October 6, 2019

On September 20th, Alonzo demonstrated his sculpting for an audience of around 1000 people at the Special Olympics international Law Enforcement Torch Run conference. He was received with great enthusiasm, and after his presentation, many lined up to have their photos taken with him. As a former Special Olympian himself, his involvement with power lifting was noted. Also, we hear there was a "bidding war" for the two sculptures that were provided for the event's auction.

Alonzo demonstrating his sculpting

Alonzo completed his summer pastel project. He named it Independence Pasture, because the horses are free to run around. In a typical fashion for his pastels, he noted the temperature of the scene up in the corner--76 degrees! We are excited to note that, in conjunction with Alonzo's show at Access Gallery coming up in January, prints of a number of his pastels will be available for the first time. Stay tuned!

Independence Pasture

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